Legionnaire Notebook of Handwritten PoemsTranscribed and translated

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Jel pasteidzies, vedēj, brauc ātrāk
Brauc ātrāk jo trauc mana sirds
Mani gaida tur meitene mīļā
No kuras es biju tik ilgi šķirts
Ir rudens un ārā līst lietus
Līst lietus un skumst mana sirds
Manas dzimtenes meitenes logā
Pamirdz uguns un kāzas tur svin
Jel nesteidzies, vedēj, brauc lēnām
Brauc lēnāk jo nav man kur steigt
Mani pievīla meitene mīļā
No viņas biju ilgi es sķirts
Tu nāksi kad ārā būs ziema
Būs ziema un sals tava sirds
Bet tad atbilde būs tikai viena
Mana sirds Tevi tad vairs nepazīs
Cedelgheimā Beļģijā
16. zeptembrī 1945

Hey, hurry up, driver, go faster
Go faster, because my heart's a-fretting
My sweetheart's waiting there for me
From whom I've so long been parted
Autumn has come, it's raining outside
The rain falls and my heart grieves
In the window of my homeland sweetheart
The lights glow as a wedding is celebrated there
Hey, don't hurry, driver, go slow
Go slowly, there's no place to rush to
My sweetheart dear betrayed me
So long was I parted from her
You'll come when it's Winter outside
When it's Winter and your heart is freezing
But the answer then will only be one
To my heart you will be but a stranger.
Zedelgem, Belgium
September 16, 1945

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